This happened...

Remember I told you we had some seriously, hilarious moments on this trip?'s some of the evidence. Day 3 of our trip included a 2.5 hour car trip to a sleepy, beach town called Buzios, just outside of Rio. Picture six, enterprising 30-something's all geared up with maps and snacks for the road. Then picture hour two of the trip - of course the ladies need a restroom stop. Car #2, a Fiat, won't turn over. Doesn't start. Oh yeah, and it was about 85 degrees out and we have no clue where we are nor do we speak the language. Awesome.

Somehow, several hours later {three to be exact!} our little Fiat started up again thanks to the kind Brazilians that helped us with a new battery. That and several broken down car illustrations and a translation book while we attempted to communicate that our car did not blow up but rather the battery died. Back on the road and we arrived to Buzios six hours later.

P.S. Doesn't the man in the orange tow suit look like a Brazilian Ralph Macchio?

P.P.S. This wasn't the first of our car troubles. Not kidding.