Vacation + why I will never be able to disconnect.

I just returned from another Mexican adventure. Let me start with the simple fact that Mexico is always a good idea. Always. Two back to back trips further cemented my love for this country. That said, with any travel comes tiny moments of clarity. Some are welcome and some are just a drag to face. So let's start with the good stuff...

My kids absolutely loved their first international trip. It was every bit as magical as I had anticipated it to be for them. We ate all the chips and guacamole and then some. We swam with dolphins. We beached. We pooled it. We took naps. We went on nature walks. Just blissful in that sense. Lucky that I get to indulge in said trip with my husband and kids to reconnect. 

"Reconnect." There's that word or aforementioned moment of clarity. Rather, maybe it's the term "disconnect." I had every intention. Really, I did. Frankly, I did not disconnect which caused moments of severe frustration on my part...speaking transparently here. Not only did my husband and I both take our computers but I physically logged on Wanna hear something else crazy? I never set an 'Out of Office' reminder on. Wanna know why? Because everyone and their mother ignores them. Wait...let's just pause there.

What kind of world do we live in that we feel guilty for taking an annual vacation? Even worse, what is so pressing at our job that cannot wait until next Monday? I enabling this type of behavior?

The answer: yes. Guilty as charged. And feeling guilty now that I am back in the saddle <as if I ever left!> and working like a nut vs. enjoying "more" of the special moments whilst in Mexico. Shame on me! Which begs the question, <I know...deep thoughts here>...

What kind of legacy am I leaving for my kids?

Safe to say I don't have the answer to that question but it's one I am thinking very strongly about. I think we are all trying...trying to make it work. To make our families feel loved, to be top performers at our jobs, to be the best spouse we can be...and it's all worth it. I wouldn't trade where I am for anything. But, there's always a BUTT, there is no time like the present and I will never be able to turn back time to the current stage my kids are in.

Maybe the answer is to be more forgiving of our weak moments but also to really stop and smell the roses in our quiet moments. Because you know what? All those emails and crazy texts I received in the last week - they were insignificant. Nobody died. I am not saving lives and everyone's social media accounts are alive and well. 

What did I learn on vacation? I learned that everyone can wait...except my family. They should come first.

P/S I promise you that Mexico was fabulous. Sometimes you need to stop with the fashion and just own the moment, ya know?

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