Thursday loves.


As much as I love shopping for me...I honestly love shopping for you more. I love finding the perfect item when a friend inquires or seeing someones reaction when they open a gift they've been pining for. It's the hunt or the chase, rather. I love a good hunt!

Since I have shopping on the's round up is a little late because work FIRST but it's a fun one. We're all settling into winter and could use a freshen up of cozy basics. Look no further!

  1. This cutie scarf is a whopping $15!
  2. Love a good neutral sweater - $29.
  3. Looks like a vintage pair of Levi's. Love the wash.
  4. This lace up trouser looks killer with a crop sweater. I walked by the first time but...amaze!
  5. I have your NYE look - this sequin blazer, denim shorts and tank. Done!
  6. THE must-have bootie of the year. IMO.

Happy shopping! xo