The best under things.

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Last week, I was posting a story on my IG stories and a fellow follower and dear friend of mine jokingly asked if I got a boob job. Admittedly, this made me giggle. You see, we had a secret pact that we would do side by side lifts once she was done with kiddos. I say this in jest because 1. I don’t think that’s possible…yet AND 2. It’s highly unlikely we will both pull the trigger but it’s fun to dream.

Truth is, I’ve been small chested my entire life. The plus side of that is all clothes kinda fit perfectly except deep plunges. The negative side of it all is that sometimes it’s hard to feel sexy or ultra feminine. I can say though, that as I approach my 41st birthday; I’ve come to accept my body and I’m quite all right with all that has come with age. Because, in fact, there are great bras and bodysuits to distort one’s perception of just how big my chest really is. <let it be known that this is not the first time someone has asked or assumed that I got a boob job so I must be doing something right!>

Yes, lingerie and underthings have come a long way offering all sorts of illusions including slimming, lifting, boosting and so much more! That being said, and because I am a “sharer”, I am divulging my best kept underthings secrets! I’ve curated a boutique of over 30 items that I actually wear regularly ranging from bras to bralettes to bodysuits. Some are a little more spendy and some are under $20. You can even see one of my favorite bodysuits in the image above…all linked for you below.

Happy shopping! xo