Taking names and sharing kick a** content in 2015!

If I haven't mentioned it already - Happy New Year

I love a fresh page. A clean slate. While 2014 will be hard to beat as I set many personal goals and achieved a good handful...I'm on a mission to do more in 2015. 

More content. More photography. Push some boundaries. Collaborate more. Network more. But let's be honest...after I syphon out all the social media analytics and beat myself up on what I would have done differently; it really comes down to one thing - having FUN and 2014 was pretty dang fantastic in my little corner of the internet.

With that said, I believe in making 2015 even bigger, stronger, faster but only with your help because without you...well...this really wouldn't be all that fun anymore.

I present my 2015 Reader Survey. It's short but sweet but more than than anything - your feedback means the world to me! Could you be a dear and fill it out? (it's anonymous)

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. Let's have some fun! xo

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