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My Top 5 Ride or Die Beauty Products.

I don't fall for beauty trends all that often. Perhaps it's my age but I know what I like. Fashion trends...yes, guilty as charged. Typically you will find me in a neutral lip or a bold lip. No in between but always matte. Lipgloss? Not so much, I kind of exhausted that in my late 20's but a strong lip...always!

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Pop it like it's hot! #smartmeetsbeauty

What's new pussy cat? So MUCH! May is by far the busiest month for me personally and professionally. You could say I am savoring the quiet of April 30th because I know all hell is about to break loose. With that said, you know I am nothing if I am not a multitasking momma on the go  which is why I want to introduce to you the newest lifesaver to my beauty collection. Meet Beauty by POPSUGAR!

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