I'm an open book...hit me with your questions!

Hi! Happy Friday! Although somewhat risky, I thought we'd do a little exercise today! For the first time in eight years I want to open up the floor and answer all of your burning questions. I've never done this before but I thought it could be a fun way to connect as a community and I've seen so many influencers do the same. It really changed my perspective on the individual behind the brand. So...what do you think?

I will answer almost anything. I say almost because I want to lead with kindness so NO nasty, negativity here. But, you can ask me questions about:

  • family
  • fashion
  • career
  • motherhood
  • siblings
  • lifestyle
  • babies
  • friendship
  • food (of course)
  • shopping
  • fitness
  • diet
  • home

...you name it! So let's give it a whirl! I will create a separate blog post next week with a list of your questions and...MY ANSWERS! Happy Friday and ask away! xo

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