Conversations with Olivia.

I mentioned this in my NYE learnings + epiphanies - sometimes we wonder if Olivia is truly hilarious or if all 4-year olds are funny in general. The stuff she comes up with kinda shocks me further proving that she will one day be way smarter than I and probably rule the world. 

Which is good because I will for sure be exhausted by then! Here we go...

Lola: Mom, are those peanuts spicy?

Me: Yes. Very.

Lola: Why?

Olivia: Because God made them that way Lola. Gosh!


Olivia: Can I watch TV?

Nanny: No, it's time for nap.

Olivia: That's not fair. What if I'm a princess ballerina?


Me: Olivia, put your toys away. It's time for bath.

Olivia: Ok, Momma Johanna. (giggling)


Lola...talking and trying to play with Olivia.

Olivia: Lola, don't bother me with the details.


Husband: Hey kiddo!

Olivia: Hey grownup!


Olivia: Dad, will you marry me? Will you be my prince?

Husband: Yeah, of course I will marry you...just make sure it's ok with momma.

Olivia: (staring at me; waiting for approval)


Olivia: Mom, do you have a beauty mark?

Me: Yes, I have lots of them. See right here (pointing to my cheek)

Olivia: Is my beauty mark gonna grow bigger and bigger like yours?

Me: (silence...should I have removed that?)


Me: Olivia, it's time for dinner. Please come to the table...for the last time.

Olivia: You don't love me anymore. You just like me.

Me: Huh? Where would you ever get that? I love you to pieces.

Olivia: If you say so.


Olivia: Mom, can I put on some eyeshadow?

Me: Sure. (feverishly getting ready, most likely running 15 minutes behind)

Olivia: Yeah! I want to be a pretty princess like you. Now, where's my statement necklace?


Me: you know I think you are beautiful?

Olivia: Yeah. Everybody says that. 


And most recently...while sitting on the couch reading a book

Olivia: Boom! Crash! The sound of my heart...the beat goes on an on and on and on...


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