I think it's safe to say the days of short sleeves are gone but I am open to the possibility of being wrong. You hear that Mother Nature?

Shot this outfit on one of those autumnal, dreamy days and without any planning because guess what? It's a matching set. All I have to do is pick out my shoes. There are worse problems, I tell ya.

I like that I can wear a gazillion variations of this outfit depending on the jacket and shoe choice I am feeling that day. It's comfy as heck, too. What's not to love about pajama pants?

Arm ventilation is always a plus, too! You could easily pair this with a colorful moto jacket, a denim jacket, a trench....the list goes on. The material is whisper thin so unfortunately I won't be wearing this in the winter but hey, Spring...I'm comin' for ya!

Choies Graffiti Matching Set | K.Amato Statement Necklace | Mossimo Cap Toe Heel ($10!)