The Summer Jewelry Edition.

I've been posting a lot of sartorial content these days. It's time to break away from the threads. Let's talk jewelry.

It's been mentioned that I've acquired quite the collection of statement necklaces. 'Tis true. I feel naked without a big statement piece framing my neckline. BUT! I am an equal rights opportunist. I love a classic cocktail ring just as much as an armful of bangles.

My favorite returning trend? The statement earring. I'm working on transitioning some of my necklace co-dependence onto drop earrings. Don't you think that's a healthy step in the right direction? Me neither!

Enjoy my round-up of fun, summer jewelry - happy shopping! xo

MorningTide Earrings | Feather Hinged Cuff | Multi-Strand Necklace | Cushion-Cut Cocktail Ring | Trio Ring Set | Seascape Leather Wrap Bracelet | Textured Leaves Necklace

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