A Summer Suit & Mode Media.

photography courtesy Mode Media

I love attending summer events in the city. Scratch that. I love rooftop events. I also love this canary suit. My husband, being the Honest Abe that he is, told me flat out that he did not love this outfit and that it looks like I'm "going on a safari". He also said it looks like my shorts were riding up and too high. They're called high-waisted shorts, sugar lips.

Hmmmm. This is one of those times where I am going to ignore his opinion. You can't beat a good summer suit. Right? Right? Or no....?!

The suit's staying. Unless I hear different from you guys. Then my world will really be turned upside down. I did receive advice from a trusted friend and fellow fashionista so I stand by the canary suit.

Onto more exciting topics. Recently, I ushered in summer with my Mode Media family - rooftop style via the 52Eighty Rooftop Lounge. An intimate soiree with local bloggers on a warm summer night. Hello Summer...we're happy you're here!

photography courtesy Mode Media
I love this group of women. It's good to be part of something good. Know what I mean? 

Hope the first day of Summer treated you right this past weekend.

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