By far and away, my favorite part about blogging is the people I've met along the way. I cannot think of a singular, adult hobby where I would have the opportunity to be continuously inspired by new friends and so many driven women. In many ways, I feel very fortunate. I have a virtual and real life support system of women who will cheer lead my triumphs and match that same glass of wine on the tribulations.

On Sunday, I was introduced to a most excellent hostess - Miss Mary of Sportsanista. Observe the level of detail that was put into this intimate brunch. She now reigns as the "Pinterest Brunch Queen". I think you can see why. {and yes, they were delicious}

Along with the familiar faces were some new-to-me faces who I genuinely enjoyed, in fact, guffawed out loud with. This is a witty group of women.

Our Ellen "selfie" courtesy Sister Marie's Instagram

Edible floral mimosas via Sportsanista's Instagram

Graphic tee couture via Sister Marie's Instagram. They just launched this ultra soft tee line!

It wouldn't be a #BloggerBrunch without a handbag line up via Sportsanista's Instagram You can only imagine how fashionable the owners were in-person.

Thank you to Mary for a fabulously, decadent Sunday brunch! Talk about setting the bar high.

Be sure to check out the other attendees' blogs, too. I promise you'll be invigorated...or at least your wardrobe will be!

Love Zahra
Sisters Marie
The Golden Girl
Jess & Jill

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