Conversations with Olivia...

In two months, Olivia will be turning 3. Hard to believe. Since starting school, her vocabulary has exploded. Sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode because she is such a Chatty Cathy. 

All kidding aside, it's charming so it only made sense I would document some of her latest...this has a strong possibility of becoming a regular occurrence on the blog if for nothing else, documenting her inquisitiveness. One day we can look back and giggle. I'm sure of it.

Me: You're a silly goose.
Olivia: I'm not a silly goose. I'm Livie Grange.

Husband: Olivia did you know that french fries are made of potatoes?
Olivia: What? That's just silly. (mind blown)

Me: Olivia, please pick up your toys. It makes me sad when you throw them on the ground.
Olivia: You pick them up, mama. I'm not sad.

Me: Olivia what do you want for breakfast?
Olivia: Goldfish.
Me: You can't eat goldfish for breakfast.
Olivia: Ok, cupcakes. Pretty please?

...on the subject of potty training.
Me: Olivia, you did it! You went poo poo! I'm so proud of you.
Olivia: I want to touch it.
Me: Ewww gross! Why would you touch it? Do NOT touch your poo poo. (gagging)
Olivia: That is gross! Mom, I'm not touching that. Sick! You touch it!

Olivia: Mama, go potty with me.
Me: Olivia, I don't have to go.
Olivia: Ok. Can I see your underwears?

Lola: Where'd daddy go?
Olivia: Daddy went to work, Lola. God! bedtime.
Olivia: Mama, can you lay with me?
Me: Only for a minute and then I am going to eat dinner. I haven't eaten today.
Olivia: Ok, get outta here mama. Go eat dinner.

...leaving a store.
Cashier: Bye bye, have a good day!
Olivia: Thank you, man.

...I was getting ready for work.
Olivia: Oh Mom. You're legs are so pretty (rubbing my thighs) And I love your pink underwears. You're like a princess.
Me: (speechless)

Hope your weekend is fantastic. Happy Spring!