Surviving winter.

Getting through winter has taken a lot of effort this year. Although I'm a true Midwesterner, even I'm struggling with freezing temps and snow, snow and more snow. It's times like these that I have to dig deep and find pleasure in the little things. Think a good pair of distressed denim, bejeweled flats, bright lips, a strong bauble and great skincare. Did I mention skincare?

When I think of la prairie, I think of luxury. I think of quality ingredients and deep moisture. And the most heavenly scent. Combined, these properties make up for the best in age delaying skincare. Derived from the Swiss Alps, you can count on pure, plant beauty.

I was fortunate to receive la prairie's Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and Dry Oil. Talk about kid in a candy shop! Truth be told, I've been fighting a cold and probably not hydrating as much as I should. One dollop of the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and my dry skin was immediately hydrated and supple. Of note, most heavy emollients tend to make my skin greasy and oily but I never encountered this once with la prairie. My skin drank it all up in seconds.

Next up was the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil. I know everyone has a phobia about applying oil to a clean complexion, but hear me out. This product actually fights and delays the elements and the impact of age. I applied it over the cream, and it was absorbed within seconds. I could have applied makeup over it, but I chose to use these products before bed when they can really work their magic.

Upon further reading, they claim that "under the ice, time stands still". Well, they've managed to capture that in a jar and a magical dropper. My skin actually glows in the morning regardless of who's kept me up the night before with the sniffles. 

Let's just call this my winter miracle. Like all things in life, you pay for what you get and la prairie's Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and Dry Oil are indeed worth every single penny!

Brand statement: Miles high in the Swiss Alps, in a world of sheer ice crystals, beauty transcends time. Here, two seemingly fragile plants and one tiny algae survive and thrive in the harshest setting on earth, developing strategies to outwit the environment. It’s only fitting then that la prairie, with a heritage deeply rooted in Switzerland, harnessed these extreme-survivalist secrets into the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection. The discovery combines some of the most sophisticated survivalist secrets

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by laboratories la prairie via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of laboratories la prairie.