Weekly Wrap Up + Links

Here's what happened in my world this week:
  1. The girls are officially over winter and being cooped up. Lola has resorted to beating her sister up.
  2. ...but then their are moments of love and sisterhood.
  3. When in doubt, head to a play cafe and let your kids bounce off the walls as shown by Lola.
  4. Liv got her first hair cut. She asked for a princess hair cut. 
  5. ...and we're back to making pillow forts. Darn you negative temps!

Here are some cool things that happened in the rest of the world:
  1. In case you missed the Grammys...
  2. On that note, Pharell + Stevie = musical brilliance.
  3. Fashion vs. function.
  4. How to make it as a fashion blogger. Interesting.
  5. I want my "someday" bar cart to look like these...so sophisticated.
P.S. Yesterday I launched a new series: Ask Me Anything!

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