February's Little Luxuries

What a quick month! Cold weather and candy hearts were the theme but we got through it! Spring, I know you're in there somewhere. Here are some of the things that made my list...
  1. My dear friend sent me an unexpected gift and it really made my day.
  2. I never knew how bad I needed exfoliating pads in my life. Game-changer.
  3. After watching JT on Jimmy Fallon this past weekend, my husband and I declared crushes for JT. I feel good that we are communicating and that it's out there.
  4. I had a taco from Picante Taqueria last week and it was scrumptious!
  5. I forgot how good this stuff smelled.
  6. My husband and I split a bottle of rose on Valentine's Day. So good.
  7. I was very excited to learn that my favorite show is starting up again.
  8. My new entry table puts a smile of my face.
  9. We are having a princess themed party for Olivia. Oh boy!
  10. I finally found a strapless bra that stays put!
  11. Wanna try a fantastic salmon recipe with dill salad?