On the mend.

I had a different post planned for today but truthfully, I'm outta gas. I spent a hellacious night in the ER with Olivia on Monday because she spiked a fever that hit 104.4 which is officially the scary zone if you know anything about fevers.

The poor kid went through chest xrays, oxygen treatments, an IV and lots of finger pricking. The good news is that she does not have pneumonia. The bad news is they diagnosed her with croup. In a nutshell, it's a respiratory virus commonly found in children. Welcome to winter germs.

We managed to break her fever but it's been a tough week. Sleep is at best, 2 hours a night, and patience is running thin. Naturally, we're concerned about Lola getting this contagious virus as well.

It ain't easy being a parent...that's been reiterated once again.
Please say a lil' prayer for my littles. We need to get healthy for Santa...and bring back the smiles. xo