Day 5...still not better

Well guys...I had planned to spread more Christmas cheer this week but it looks like it's not in the cards. We're heading back to the doctor. Olivia is not getting better. Last night she started struggling with her breathing which sent me into a full blown panic attack. We were quite the sight, sitting all bundled up on the front porch trying to open up her lungs with the cold air.

Lola has a pretty nasty cold that I pray does not progress into croup. I can't believe our luck. It's times like these you realize how lucky and grateful you are to have great grandparents, a great nanny and an awesome husband when the stress seems almost unbearable. 

Keep sending good thoughts and prayers our way. I really don't want my babes in the ER for Christmas...and that seems like a reality.

Stay healthy and have a good weekend. xo