Two bonfire treats to keep in your back pocket!

With Fall in high gear, I'm always inspired to spend more time in the kitchen. Colder weather prompts trying new dessert recipes for some reason. Lucky for me, stumbling upon Baking Mad was a giant success with my little family! 

The best part about this website is how easy it was to follow new recipes. I've had first hand nightmares with other sites and the massive ingredient shopping lists or the advanced skills required that I clearly do not possess.

Enter my marshmallow cake pops! You guys - this was such a fun and easy recipe to make. My kids loved it, my husband loved it...just a win-win! If you can melt chocolate and obtain a bag of marshmallows, you're in. I see these serving as a really fun kid party treat and, obviously, a superb bonfire treat

I gotta admit. I've always loved churros, and I've always wanted to learn how to make them. I was slightly concerned at giving this recipe a shot given that I'd be deep frying in my home kitchen. However, my trepidation was over nothing. After my first test churro, I was addicted. Just melt a bag of chocolate chips and you have an instant crowd pleaser.

I am pretty sure I want to try the banana layer cake, and the cheese scones will be making an appearance one Sunday morning and let us not overlook the Victoria sponge which would be oh-so-perfect come Easter!

Whatever the occasion, turn to Baking Mad for some fun inspiration and yummy treats!

* this is a sponsored post