Beauty 411

I am finding more and more readers reach out to me with questions ranging from what lipstick I wear to the shampoo I use. A very delayed lightbulb went off in my head and here we are with my first installment of #Beauty411. I hope you enjoy it - I would love to hear your feedback. And please know that by no means do I claim to be a beauty expert. I just want to share my favorite products with you!

My skincare routine could be described as "no muss, no fuss". I follow all the prerequisite rules such as washing your face nightly, a good moisturizer with retinol, an even better eye cream, a daily toner and the occasional mask. I find it hard to be loyal to one brand however these five products have been on my shelves for the last six months and that says something. My new addiction is the spritz toner. There's something about rosewater that is so refreshing and hydrating. I feel "off" when I don't use it which is a 360 from how I used to feel about toner in general!

I tend to be more passionate about hair care. Perhaps that is because I've been coloring my locks for so many years. I gravitate towards sulfate-free products that are lightweight with a great scent. The hair spray is my favorite product second to my dry shampoo. The common denominator being that they are extraordinarily flexible which means my hair still moves. Spending more money on haircare is a no-brainer to me. 

And while we're on the subject of haircare, I must preach for a second and tell you that this is THE best flat iron I've ever owned. The Hana Flat Iron has changed my life. After both girls were born my hair changed. I used to have pin-straight hair which now drys into a lovely 1984 perm. Literally. The straightest pieces are the front face framers. This iron gets ultra hot and it's ceramic so my hair never feels fried. #bestdiscoveryof2013

I used to leave the house barefaced all the time. Since having children, I no longer feel as confident doing so but then again, dark circles are more prevalent. These six products are non-negotiables. Specifically, the concealer. It's a game changer. I buy two at a time so that when one dies, my back up is ready to go. Neurotic, I know. {I don't know the brand of my bronzer because the label has worn off and I bought it at a trade show} And by the way, this is the best drugstore mascara on the market. Trust me.

If I had to live on a deserted island for the rest of my life and I was only allowed one beauty product, it would be lipstick. I have mastered finding the perfect red. When it comes to lipstick I think you should go big or go home. I feel naked without lipstick. The most recent find being these L'Oreal Infallible lipsticks. They are long-wearing but highly moisturizing and stay on FOREVER. Through coffees, lunches and a thorough face cleansing. I love them. P.S. - always have a killer fuchsia, too!

Finally, here are my favorite mood-boosters. Hanae Mori is my signature scent, hands down. I couldn't even describe the's just lovely. All four of these nail lacquers dry instantly which is key for this mom-on-the-go. Plus they have built in top coats! The Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets save me on long days in the car or when I need to transition to work dinners. I aways keep a stash in my purse!