Round table: Are we celebrity obsessed?

"There's a price to fame. Are you willing to pay it?" - Kid Rock

I just watched a documentary called $ellebrity. It was fascinating. Interviews from Jennifer Lopez, SJP, Jen Aniston and more. In summary, it's focused on celebrityhood and the media. The world as we know it has been completely turned on its side now that the paparazzi have no perimeters and social media has exploited our privacy. Whether you're a reality star or a true actor, there is no such thing as a "personal" moment. Then again, as a consumer, we often wonder...was that real or just a publicity stunt?

In fact, I swore off all the gossip sites long ago. There's something about marveling in someone else's demise that turns me off. Still, I do buy the occasional rag sheet so I guess I am guilty as charged. It's those slight moments of authenticity that make celebrities so interesting. You know, without makeup and stylists, playing with their kiddos at the playground. Lunching and actually eating with friends. Going for a run. Grocery shopping.

Why do we find this so fascinating?

Do you think it's gotten worse? Better? 
Are you guilty, too?