2013 Christmas card outtakes

Shooting two toddlers is a daunting task. Have I mentioned that our nanny is the "Mary Poppins" of our household? Not only is she gifted with children but it just so happens that she is an amazing photographer. I'm pretty sure she we would be lost without her.

And now I present this year's Christmas card outtakes. It's about to get chaotic in here...
photography by Cleodine Photography

"I just want to touch the garland. Why won't she let me touch the garland...G-O-D!"

"Have you seen my shoe, Liv? Where's my shoe?"

"Why don't you guys understand that I'm hungry? Models need to eat."

"Listen to reason. Here Lo, eat a goldfish. Stick with me, kid."

"Wait, let me feed you, girlfriend."

"Wow. Mom's had these pumpkins in this exact spot for like 30 days and we just noticed them."

"Screw dresses! We hate bows and dumb cardigans. Let's revolt! Are ya with me, Lo?"

Stay tuned for the three photos out of 300-something that actually made the cut.
This year's card will be cute if it kills us.