Round table: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Do you ever daydream about this? Realizing I am only 35 means there's still a lot left to accomplish and who says there should be limitations on where life will take my career? Why throw in the towel because you've got your corporate job and it's secure? And what's your plan b if that corporate job disappears?

What inspires you? What would you love to accomplish?

Me? I'd love to write a book(s). It's plural because I'd love to write a series of children's books and dedicate them to my girls AND I'd love to write a non-fiction book about ordinary life. Sounds pretty vague, right? I don't know what it will be yet...but I envision a coffee table book covering all topics: motherhood, recipes, fashion, parenting tips, renovating a home, etc. with a lot of visuals and pictures. Title TBD.

Oh and one more thing...I'd love to design or collab on a line of shoes. With a company like Sole Society or Just Fab. It would be amazing to create something I'm passionate about; made affordable to the masses. For me, shoes can make or break an outfit or recreate an entirely new look and they ALWAYS fit!

What's the one career move you want to add to your resume?
Have you taken steps to achieve it?