I love a parade...

So my husband has this really annoying tendency to sing loudly around the house. His music choices are pretty horrendous, too. For some weird reason, he loves this song. If I had a quarter for every time I heard this...let's just say I wouldn't need to work.

Well, you can imagine the pure, unadulterated joy he had when he found out we were attending a suburban parade last Saturday. I did not feel the joy because I knew I would be hearing this incessantly.

Despite rain, the parade prevailed and the clouds parted for one short hour. I feel fortunate that the bands drowned out his singing. That and a bloody mary and I was good to go. 

The kids had a blast and grandma was an excellent candy squirrel as Olivia walked away with a Halloween-size bag of candy...which Mom has been eating since Saturday. Did someone say Tootsie Roll? 

In all seriousness, parades are pretty cool and seeing your kids' faces light up is even better...and makes enduring horrible Lawrence Welk songs bearable. {thanks Linds for grabbing our parade viewing spot early on!}