Organizing with style.

I am a highly organized individual. Really, I am. I know exactly where everything is despite how chaotic things may appear. The honest truth is that I am not nearly as tidy as I used to be but that remains to be seen. I blame it on babies.

All of this said, you have no idea what lurks behind our closet doors. One in particular. My office closet. It's become a catch-all for everything from baby books to birthday gifts to our wedding memories. It was getting out of control and I knew it.

Suddenly, a ray of light shown down on my little office in the form of Bankers Box Stackable Storage. And in the name of Spring cleaning I began to purge and organize this mess of a closet which looked like this originally....

The Bankers Box Stackable Storage is a pretty cool invention. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. My boxes have a damask design on them. Upon arrival I just followed the instructions and assembled them within minutes...

And now my closet actually has a home for everything. My consignment clothes hang neatly. My wedding keepsakes have their own box. My baby books have their own box. Shoot, my stationary has its own box. You get the gist!

And it's no problem figuring out what each box contains thanks to the little peek-a-boo window! Best part...they're stackable, they maximized my closet space, they come in all different sizes,  they're pretty chic and most important, they're made from 60% recycled materials so they are environmentally safe, too!

You can find them on Amazon and sometimes they run special promotions. 

And hey, if you're looking to get organized - look no further. From March 25 – April 26, Bankers Box is offering the chance to win a consultation with a professional organizer from the National Association of Professional Organizers and receive up to $500 in free Bankers Box Stackable Storage products. For more information visit the Bankers Box Facebook page.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

** this is a sponsored post