The chronicles of Liv & Lo

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Oh yeah, we broke out the exer-saucer again. This bad boy is singing the same sweet, annoying tunes over and over again. 

Lola update - 5 months!
  • she rolls over
  • she smiles and coos constantly
  • she still does not sleep through the night - sonofa!
  • she eats solids: bananas! sweet potato! apples!
  • she really likes her feet...and eating them
  • she's so close to sitting up on her own...I give it a few weeks and we're there
  • she loves bath time...she is like a bucking bronco in that tub. Me = soaked
  • but...she still sleeps on my chest and that is priceless. Mama likes.
  • sister's gonna have some wicked hair. Get me my brush!
  • she has a neck, finally. This is big news when for the last five months her cheeks dissolved into her neck
  • she loves to pull your hair. I'm prematurely balding.
  • she has the same exact laugh as her sister = heart melting

We took O to the Kohl Children's Museum and this kid went nuts in the water room. Note to the parents: put your kid in an apron pre-play time. We're talking soaked which means you will be, too.

Olivia update - 21 months!
  • she is killin' it lately. She is talking up a storm and stringing sentences together...even if we have no idea what she is saying.
  • she has quite the palette these days. She loves Cool Ranch Doritos {whaaa? bad mom...ahem}
  • she is logging on crazy naps again...two hour gems. Growth spurt ahead.
  • we're taking our first swim class together. She's in Baby Blue 2 in case you're wondering.
  • she is learning her alpha and #'s, too. Something like this: A, 2, E, A, C, 2, O
  • she will give anyone a "mwah" before they go home. Sister likes to dole out hugs and kisses.
  • she is so sweet with her sister. We're really into petting.
  • nobody does animal sounds like our tot. Do you know what an owl sounds like...oh we'll tell you!
  • someone likes shoes...just sayin'
  • her favorite food = blueberries. I swear she might turn into one!