Round table: babies and diets...the truth

circa 2010
A couple readers recently asked me how I lost the baby weight after two back-to-back pregnancies. The answer is: I didn't...all the way...yet. And I'm not gonna tell you that breastfeeding is key because it doesn't always fall off for everyone. The truth of the matter is that I would still like to lose about 8-9 more lbs. And those last 8 are always the hardest. {shakes fists to the sky!} 

Above is a shot my husband took when we were on our Thailand honeymoon. And realistically, I'd like to be at my wedding weight again. Come to think of it, I'd like to teleport myself to that exact moment again. Of course, at that time I could work out and cook more, too. 

The real answer on how I lost 25+ lbs depending on which pregnancy we're talking about is that I'm really busy. So eating at a table is not a luxury I partake in. I work FT so I eat quick, small bites in the car. And I still indulge occasionally. And if we're being real...I don't proclaim that I am eating 100% healthy either. I bet I'm eating 1.5 meals a day with little nibbles throughout. I like my wine, too. 

I think my work out comes from the lifting up and down of kids, stairs, crawling on floors searching for Mrs. Potato Head's right ear, etc. And one other secret - I avoid bread at all costs and I don't eat past 9pm. Many people disagree with this notion but after 34 years of being on this planet, I know what my body does not process. 

I'm not really sure that I believe diets work. Although my wax lady swears by this one. She lost 7 lbs in one month! And my brother recently quit smoking and began juicing and he's lost 26 lbs in three months!

That said...what do you guys do to stay healthy? 
Gluten free? 
No diet, lots of workout?

I wish I had a better answer for you but as I mentioned, getting healthier is one of my goals for 2013. But don't expect me to cut out the wine.