OOTD: vintage vixen

Admittedly, I much rather prefer hunting down the perfect vintage or thrifted dress over finding something brand new in a department store. There's something to be said for finding an article of clothing that has a history and making it your own through altering or accessorizing. Such was the case for this dress.

Originally the hem fell past my knees and the sleeve length went past my wrists. I took it to my trusty dry cleaners and they worked their magic. They made the sleeves 3/4 length but kept the original ruching and pouf in the shoulders. As for the hem, we hiked it up into a mini dress. Now, all I do to style it is switch out my belts or the color of my tights. And it's comfortable as all get out.

Wanna know where to get great vintage dresses? This is where I got mine!

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