'Lil somethin, somethin Friday...

It was a pretty solid week punctuated with a holiday and now the weekend. Not bad by many people's standards. Here's what went down in my neck of the woods...
  1. A colorful peacock. The next town over has resin sculptures out for the summer and I loved the sequined bird too much not to capture.
  2. Popsicle sticks. Lots of 'em. I prefer frozen treats to meals these days. On average, I'm eating 5 a day. But in my defense, they are all fruit. Not chocolate.
  3. Sexy MotherPucker Extreme Plump lip gloss by Soap & Glory. It's fantastic and my lips tingle. This is what happens when you wait in line at Sephora. 
  4. Rose gold. It's my daily stack of style. And I'd happily add more if I found the right pieces.
  5. Farmer's Market goodies. We conquered our first and the berries were outstanding!
  6. 4th of July dessert. Duh...red, white and blue and ridiculously good. I might've had two. Maybe.
What's on your agenda for the weekend?

...and a big THANK YOU to Gloria for launching my new blog design. She completed the project early and nailed it...well...because she's awesome. If you're ever in the market to do the same - she's your girl! xo