5 Summer Essentials: featuring Alicia of alicia doll

When I think of Alicia's blog, the following descriptors come to mind: feminine, muted pastels, Bardot, cosmetics, beauty and dainty. Does that make you want to take a peek? I don't blame you. I love visiting her corner of the world for a splash of color and the deliberate beauty she incorporates into every post. And, I think you'll agree that today's post is perfectly girlie and retro-tastic for Summer. Enjoy and meet Alicia!

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Hi! My name is Alicia and my summer must-haves are heavily influenced by Brigitte Bardot's St. Tropez style...

A gingham bralet (this one from Topshop is adorable), the perfect amount of blush and bronzer to warm my skin (I love NARS), a floral silky scarf to tie in my hair, a fitted white romper (or sundress), and a brightly colored bikini.
Each of these essentials will definitely make my summer better!

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Thank you, Johanna! xoxo

Thanks a bunch, Alicia...you've inspired me to add some volume to my hair, swipe some winged eyeliner on and throw on a little gingham in my beach bag. I love it! xoxo