Adult Swim Friday

To say I am excited about this weekend would be an under statement. It's been a long, grueling week filled with lots of work, sleepless nights and the stress of planning for next week. Read: Kitchen Crasher! {DIY network anyone?} We'll get through it but tomorrow...tomorrow is adult day! Not that I love Olivia any less but some adult conversation and lounging is in order as we are heading up to a friend's lake house for the day. I cannot wait to catch up with my people and drink mocktails in the sun. My husband is so lucky. He can drink real beer, like a Corona, in the sun. Doesn't that sound good?

Thank you again for your notes, texts and emails this week. You lifted my spirits. And I realize my posts have been a bit "blah" but I'll find some inspo this weekend and get back on track. In the meantime, here are some links worth sharing:

This is a darling Etsy shop.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw this new diaper design.

Hell to the yes, Neiman Marcus & Target!

HomeMint completely exceeded my expectations; I'm in!

Interesting little snippet about office cleanses.

Cheers dolls - make it a good one!

Source: via Johanna on Pinterest