5 Summer Essentials: featuring Elsa of Cafe Society XXI

If you're ever in need of a cheerleader, look no further - Elsa is your gal. I can pretty much count on her any given day to offer up words of encouragement or to leave a cheerful note. Bright and sunny is just what you'll find on this fellow Spaniard turned Miami native's blog. A lifestyle blog about culture, fashion, travel and relationships. As much as you'll love her sweet blog...it's really her "glass half full" disposition that will have you coming back for more. Look no further - Elsa is your Monday ray of light!

 If The Shoe Fits…
As much as I love travelling and shopping, I always consider quite it challenging to find the ‘right shoes’ for my trips. Comfort is a top priority for me - I learned the hard way! At the same time, I don’t want to compromise style or break the bank! For this post, I wanted to put together a little selection of what my ideal shoe picks would be, inspired on four vacation destinations –where I'd DIE to go to!
Destination #1: Formentera, Spain
A true island gem in the Mediterranean, Formentera is the ideal place to enjoy virgin beaches and fabulous food. Pure relaxation!
Shoes: Pikolinos Formentera sandals.
Spanish brand Pikolinos has partnered with Kenya’s Maasai tribe and super model Eugenia Silva, to create the Maasai collection. The beaded parts of the sandals are made by the Maasai women and all the sales profits go to fund development projects on the Maasai area.
Destination #2: Berlin, Germany
I cannot wait to rent a bike and spend a few days rolling around this city full of history, art and culture.
Shoes: Ankle boots.
I think this option adds some ‘edge’ to any outfit. At the same time, they are so versatile and go well with pretty much anything, from a flirty dress to denim cut-off, jeans to cargo pants.
Destination #3: Portofino, Italy. 
Probably the most sophisticated spot in the Mediterranean. I don’t think I can afford to spend a lot of days there, but I certainly fantasize about having ‘al fresco’ dinners and sweet promenades across the harbor. 
Shoes: Ferragamo Sandals
I just came across these super sweet Ferragamo sandals, and couldn’t help but visualize me walking across the old port heading to the trattoria to have some amazing pasta under the Italian sky. 
Destination # 4: Cape Town, South Africa. This is a long-overdue trip that – God willing! - I plan on making in 2013 along with someone VERY special to me!
 Shoes: Timberland hiking shoes.
I used to wear Timberland boat shoes back in high school. Even though I hadn’t worn any Timberland gear for the last 17 years, I love the brand’s quality and statement. I’d definitely get some comfortable and stylish hiking shoes for that trip. 
Do you usually take your time to pick the right shoes for travelling? 
Do you have any particular story/experience you want to share?
Johanna, thanks SO much for giving me this amazing opportunity. You blog is a real inspiration! I read it every day and I really appreciate how kind and generous you have always been to me. Love your writing, strength, vision and sense of humor. You ROCK! 
Thanks so much, Elsa! The feelings are mutual! I loved your creative approach to traveling footwear which is clearly a priority in any girl's suitcase. xo