Storing your goods.

I'm not one of those people that gets geeked out about technology and gadgets. No, rather I get geeked out about how to store them. I love pouches, clutches, containers, cosmetic name it. And the sleeker the design...the more I fall...hard. Such is the case with Stephanie Johnson. I was gifted this iPad case and had a choice of three fabrics; I chose the Rivera Maya because you know my motto is COLOR this year. Read: makes me smile.

This baby is adorable and my boss won't get upset with me that I've been mishandling my iPad. Win/Win.

Next up...the large, flat pouch. In Bollywood Camel because it doubles as my cosmetic bag and my date night clutch with the hubs. As a matter of fact, I wore it last night with a coral dress. Smashing, I tell you.

You know I love me some metallics. And you can even attach the wristlet to convert it to a clutch like I did.

Voila...two summer pouches that are easy on the eyes, store your goods but don't skimp on style. You should probably go poke around yourself. They make great gifts for your gal pals. could just keep tuning into this lil' blog because a Stephanie Johnson giveaway is on the horizon. Woot!