Colorific Friday!

Hi everybody! This week has flown by and it's been oh-so-colorful. Instead of an inspirational photo per my usual Friday post; I thought I'd change it up. Here's what's been going on in our neck of the woods. I have so much more to share however I am hanging tight just a few more weeks...giveaways, news, new blog designs -- Summer is the best!
  1. My new t+j Designs necklace. I love their highlighter collection!
  2. Olivia enjoying Touch + Feel books. She now thinks every book is a touch + feel book. 
  3. I am round. Basketball round.
  4. New sheets from an awesome Etsy vendor. Officially in need of chevron counseling.
  5. Blue iris' from Trader Joe's. 
  6. We found a blueberry bush in our backyard. It must be fate that we moved here...blueberries are Liv's favorite fruit!
Hope your weekend's are sunny and relaxing.