"Don't forget mom" Friday

photo courtesy Patterson Maker
Mother's Day is here but once again. It's barely been a blip on my radar up until today. That's because I have presents starting at me in the face just waiting to be wrapped. We'll add that to the To-Do list for the weekend. It's kinda crazy that this is the second consecutive Mother's Day in which I've been pregnant. A trend I don't plan on repeating but lovely nonetheless.

Here's what's new at our crib:
- Olivia has learned to give her baby doll kisses.
- I've been to the grocery store every day this week. Seriously!?!!
- We have a new friend in the backyard...it's a possum. Sonofa...!
- I'm really tired of my maternity clothes. Real tired.
- We bought a couch. A real, adult couch.
- Olivia no longer eats baby food. Read: refuses.
- I no longer care about shaving my legs. {kidding, sorta...not really}
- We have 973 light switches and approximately 4 of them work...and about every light bulb needs to be replaced. 

Have a restful weekend with a scrumptious Sunday brunch! Give yo momma a hug! xo