I am somewhat of a sweets connoisseur. I would eat a cookie or a piece of chocolate over a meal any day of the week. Healthy, no. Delicious, yes.

Olivia's birthday was a success last weekend and while I would have loved to make the party favors...I had already tasked myself with one two rainbow cakes which meant a late Friday night. Cookie party favors were not in the cards. Ahh, well...I suppose that's how the cookie crumbles {womp womp}

I resorted to my trusty sidekick, Etsy, and ordered 24 of the most delicious, frosted shortbread cookies my tongue has ever laid taste on. They were positively adorable. Be sure to look this store up: Batches.  {Olivia had the monkey versions below} They have all different shapes and themes - perfect for baby or bridal showers and of course, birthdays.

Generally, when a cookie is this artfully decorated, the taste is horrible. Such is not the case with Batches. There was no starchy after taste and they ship right before your occasion to ensure freshness. I'm thinking these would be really fun for a Parisian themed shower. You must try them out for your next soiree!

photos courtesy Batches