Rainbow connection

Sunday was a success by and large. Olivia's trial cake run proved to be time consuming but so worth it!
I followed this recipe. Admittedly MS' icing was an epic failure for me...I ended up using a Wilton Buttercream recipe that worked just as nicely. Still tweaking which icing I want to use but the good news is the actual cake was moist and yummy. Oh...and there was supposed to be a final purple layer however MS' recipe didn't yield enough batter for me so I may be making more next time around.

All in all...I'd make this cake a 100x's over. It cheered me up in the same way a vase of flowers would. Next year I want to make an ombre cake like this one. How gorge right?

Now if you'll excuse me...I am going to pour myself a cup of coffee and enjoy a slice for breakfast. xo