Litany of Love

Trying something Friday Litany of Love will be dedicated to a singular website each week. Let me know what you think! This week we are devoted entirely to Etsy {duh?!}

  1. OMG, how sweet are these little bowls?
  2. A really sweet apple print for your kitchen.
  3. A scalloped leather necklace. Pastel, too.
  4. Framed chalkboards...I smell a DIY.
  5. Hand painted we sense a trend here?
  6. These straws make me a bit nostalgic.
  7. The cutest baby shoes you ever did see.
  8. Check out these pastel, fringe earrings!
  9. If Kate Spade made a vase for Etsy...this would be it!
  10. Pillows to cheer up any couch.