Litany of Love

  1. For the perfect tulle dress...
  2. I was mesmerized by these Central Park photos.
  3. If I was a certain someone...I would think these would make such a lovely V Day gift...for me.
  4. This is the perfect cross-body bag!
  5. A sorbet sweater anyone would look good in!
  6. Bloggerinas...Dose Market starts up again. Anyone wanna go?
  7. Anyone feel like pampering themselves for $49 in honor of National Heart Disease Awareness Month? Well, you can!
  8. Did you guys see Wilco on Conan recently? We watched it in bed this morning. It was good.
  9. Not ready to don a bikini for our vaca. What do you guys think of this cutie?
  10. Kinda lovin' this gold wishbone.