Kinda rhymes with in a buncha ____!

I don't know. This whole carving thing really tans my hide. Maybe you remember last year...when my pumpkin lost.  Or the year before that...yep, lost that year, too. Wait...what are you talking about Johanna? Oh you're new to the blog. Let me tell you about our annual carving contest in which...drum roll...I lose every friggin' year. Observe below.

We line up all pumpkins including Olivia's and send pics to our families for voting. I should mention our friends carve with us every year, too. And last year, one of them got as creative as stabbing her pumpkin with a screw driver to make stars and got more votes than mine. Angry...nah.....

So this is our friend's pumpkin. Admittedly cute...and the winner in my opinion. I like a jolly jack-o-lantern now and then.

Olivia's pumpkin. I spray painted it white and carved a heart. Pretty much everyone thought it was a hole. Just a black hole. Mmmmkay. {you know who you are traitors, grandparents}

My pumpkin. OK I'm going to admit something. I saw Martha create this pumpkin on the Today Show last week and thought, "This is it! This is my year! I'm going to beat everyone with this design!" Sadly, no. I really thought I had something here. It was like a rat cave and I even had rubber rats. Spooky, no?

And this was husband's pumpkin. Yeah, I know. A spooky, angry pumpkin. Yeah...all boo and stuff. Whatever...he stole my rats which constitutes as cheating in my books.

So yeah, I'm bitter. Both my daughter's pumpkin and mine lost severely. I might bow out next year. "Might" being the operative word.

Did you guys carve?

P.S. I do decorate a mean Christmas tree and you can take that to the bank!