I knew them before I met them.

These girls are kinda like my soul sisters...only we just met last week.

Wednesday night, 7 bloggers got together over manicures and wine.
It was the first time we've met in-person but we've know each other for months.
Funny how that works!

Zoe and Ashleigh post-manicure. The drying process is very serious.

A special thanks to Essential Nail Spa for making us feel at home. And allowing us to "just be girls."

Beautiful bloggers gettin' their nails did. Kelsey, Cara and Melissa! 

Group shot. Made me smile to see each blogger pull out a camera for the occasion.
{true hallmark of a blogger}

Fancy group shot. Because it's important to have perfect nails for wine sipping here.

Pictured above:

Check 'em out if you haven't already!

Ladies...when can we do this again?