Five Fall Faves: meet Hunter of navy & orange

I am excited to introduce Hunter and her adorable blog to you: navy & orange. Hunter culminates the end of my Five Fall Fave series...she may be the last blogger but certainly not the least! Her style is unmatched as her posts exhibit only the trendiest and most classic navy & orange accessories and apparel. It's easy to get orange is my favorite color so there you have it...match made in heaven! Enjoy!

I'm Hunter from navy & orange and I am honored to be be featured on Johanna's blog, a daily read! Fall is is favorite season, by far, but this year there is even more to celebrate with a new hubby, puppy and house, which means looking for an excuse to be cozy by the fire will be easier than ever!

1. I live in southern California so any excuse to be out of the uniform of jeans and flip flops is gladly appreciated. My current fall outfit is leggings, boots and a chunky sweater. How great is this one from J. crew? I'm adding this to my birthday wish list, for sure!

2. The fall means more rain, which means more excuses to wear my Hunter boots! It doesn't rain much here, but if it looks like there is the slightest chance, I definitely add my navy ones to any outfit. I feel as if it is only appropriate, given my name. 

3. In my family we have 7 birthdays (including mine) from the end of September to the end of October, so birthday celebrations and thus champagne are definitely one of my fall faves.

4.If you couldn't tell from the name of my blog, orange is one of my favorite things, so I love seeing more orange incorporated everywhere this time of year.

5. The beginning of fall means the end of the year so I love to begin the search for the perfect party dress. This dress from Milly will easily carry me from birthday celebrations to Thanksgiving and could even be worn as a New Year's Eve dress.

What are you favorite things about my favorite time of year?

navy & orange

Thanks Hunter! I always look forward to checking in with makes us both happy! xo

...and to all the Five Fall Faves guest bloggers - an enormous THANK YOU for creating such a great series!!