Litany of Love

  1. Check out this modern take on the cuckoo clock.
  2. Talk about a genius necklace. Spell it out in Morse code.
  3. Such a killer dress.
  4. Apparently paisley is back, too!
  5. Interested in a beauty quickie?
  6. I ♥ these and I have them in neon pink. But guess what? I got the knock off in Brazil and they were cheap!
  7. I can't wait to see this documentary!
  8. How to search Etsy like a pro courtesy Lonny. Yes!
  9. Speaking of...I love this sweet little table.
  10. Who doesn't like a little manly vintage?
  11. Isn't this skirt gorgeous?
  12. Her mood boards inspire the "happy" in me. And then I want to color code my closet.