Girl-crush Friday

photo courtesy Patterson Maker
Have you guys caught on yet that I have a major girl-crush on Ms. Paltrow. She's the epitome of cool and extraordinarily talented. One minute she is laid-back, urban mom and the next she is singing at the Oscars in liquid, Calvin Klein. I gotta say...this woman continues to turn up the hotness the older she gets. Do you concur?

Enough about my's Friday. Let's enjoy the weekend!

Unrelated: Did you happen to catch the Gaga interview with Google this week? I have a new found respect for her and I keep forgetting that she's only 24. Cripes. Anyway, definitely watch it but carve out some time because it's an hour long. Totally worth it though...she's incredibly down-to-earth.

Also unrelated: Husband informed me this morning that her new song is kinda catchy.