What to wear on NYE?

photo courtesy F21
The question really is...what do you wear on NYE when you are sporting a mini bump and NOTHING fits? Oh and here's the kicker...maternity wear is a real bummer! You could torture yourself like I have been doing and try 17 dresses on and exchange, re-exchange and keep your fingers crossed for the try-on session at home because there is no way you are braving the dressing rooms in H&M...or...you could just go back to what works. The ol' standby - Forever 21.

...cuz I did all of the above and was just about to resign to wearing a garbage bag when I thought I would give it one more shot and fell upon this sparkler. Admittedly, it looks much better on a non-pregnant woman however there is no elastic, no funky tailoring...it just fits like a glammed up sheath dress. And for $35, the detail is pretty great. I never thought I would don purple for NYE but it works. And because I can't resist genius merchandising and displays; I ended up walking out with a pair of Valentino knock off, black pumps and a clutch to complete the outfit. All under $100. Thank you Fashion Gods.