2010 learnings and ephiphanies

photo courtesy Stolen Inspiration
{the list below is based on my opinions only...}
  1. Family is #1.
  2. When you are happy, everything clicks. Without inner happiness, nothing is possible.
  3. There are a LOT of crazy individuals in this world. Most of them still surprise the s#*t out of me.
  4. Sometimes people do change...pending on how bad they really want to.
  5. Some of the things that seem so big and catastrophic are really just small and insignificant; especially down the line.
  6. One should laugh at least a minimum of 3x's a day.
  7. Sometimes there is nothing like swearing to get the point across. {sorry Mom}
  8. Getting old and feeling old are two different things. I am not getting old. I am just getting to the good stuff!
  9. I would rather taste and eat amazing food then worry about being model skinny. It's really exhausting.
  10. Biting your tongue is hard at times but truly your best bet.
  11. Spontaneous plans are the most memorable moments.
  12. A glass of wine makes the world right.
  13. New shoes are all you need to make an old outfit seem exciting again.
  14. Dogs are amazing creatures. I have never witnessed unconditional love like I have with my girl, Lucy.
  15. Kill 'em with kindness. Still works. So do prayers.
  16. Sometimes people just want to be heard.
  17. Cab drivers are angry people.
  18. I am really good at my job and I still love it after 6 years.
  19. Honey crisp apples rule my world.
  20. Great customer service is really dang hard to come by. {I'm talking to you Comcast!}
  21. Friends float in and out of your life for a reason.
  22. There is nothing that can replace quality time with girlfriends. It's necessary for survival.
  23. It's all about the small things.
  24. No matter how cool the technology, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, email, etc - human interaction is still necessary.
  25. Pick up the phone. See #24.
  26. Grandparents. Make the effort to spend time with them.
  27. Everyone can cook. Turns out it's very therapeutic.
  28. Babies...they make me smile. I'd like to grow one. I'm growing one!
  29. Halloween is indeed the best holiday.
  30. Travel and observe other cultures. I love to marvel how different we really are.
  31. Economy seating is the pits. Travel often so that you can earn Premier status. See #30.
  32. Mom...she is always right. Dammit.
  33. Always set an attainable goal...lofty goals that you cannot reach are a harsh reality.
  34. Leggings will save any fashion crisis!
  35. Doing nothing is surprisingly a lot harder than it seems.
  36. The past is in the past.
  37. Having a cool boss makes loving your job very easy.
  38. Writing is like riding a bike...you never forget, you just get a little rusty.
  39. Becoming an entrepreneur at a young age...that's cool and I admire you. {for my friends reading this}
  40. To the Barefoot Contessa - I bet you and I could be great friends in real life. I think you're swell.
Happy 2011 blogger friends. It's been lovely getting to know you.
I can't wait to see what this year will bring.

Thank you, as always, for making this hobby worthwhile. xo