Take 1...or 2 or 3...

Pretty City's holiday parties are a tad bit different than most company parties. And because our mantra has a little something to do with helping women feel beautiful from the inside, out...you could say the holidays give us a chance to pamper ourselves after a year of hard work. I like that about our company.

So what did we do last week to celebrate? We went to Tease Salon and received glam makeovers while sipping sophisticated martinis before heading out for a fancy dinner. I think this was my favorite holiday party to date. Each coworker was enhanced to a more beautiful version of themselves. And...they experimented! Oh did they experiment! What was normally pin straight hair became big, Victoria's Secret curls and bold, sexy eyes. It was such a blast!
Tiffany transforming into a blonde bombshell!

Susan turned into an eyelash battin' vixen!

Donna went for the smokey eye.

Carolyn went for big volume and red lips. And Audrey experimented with fake eyelashes!

The most hilarious part of the evening was getting everyone together for a group photo...
it's like herding cats. Observe below...not so much.

 This was the closest we got!

 ...and we're back to a blurry photo!
Good times, good times.