Chapstick - a conspiracy?

photo courtesy Google Images
The colder it gets…the more chapped my lips get. And sometimes you just can’t wear lipstick. Today my friends, I have a question for you. What is your go-to “healing” lip product during the winter?

Sure. I have a box of lip balms, salves, chapsticks, pots….it’s all the same. You know what my problem is? None of them work. In fact, the more I use them…the worst my lips feel. So, yes – I do believe there is an addictive ingredient in those so-called “chapsticks” because the only way your lips feel better is continual application but really, it’s temporary relief. As in 5 minutes and the burning, flaking, cracking symptoms seem to flare up again. How could this be? Then you have those lovely products that contain cancer carcinogens. Or the ones that smell like a fresh baked cupcake but literally slide off your lips faster than you can say “red velvet”.

Normally I like to be a beauty product tester and expert but this is plain exhausting. The other night my lips were burning so bad that it was not until I applied my MAC lip glass that literally the sensation dissipated. {Note: don’t order a buffalo chicken salad when your lips are chapped! Yow!}

But hey, no one likes a Negative Nancy so I will tell you about one product that I am falling in love with. Liz Earle “Superbalm”.

photo courtesy Liz Earle
Not only does this product do the work of several, as in it can be used on heels, elbows, cuticles AND lips, but it’s made from pure plant oils and shea butter. Think Vitamin E, rosehip and lavender. When I apply it, I actually feel like all the little plant personalities are coming together and massaging my lips. Too much? Fine. If you don’t believe me…try it for yourself. And if you do – leave a comment and let me know your review OR favorite product on the market.