What does New York smell like to you?

A question you hadn't pondered had you? The questions brings many answers to my mind. Coffee, french restaurants, cab fumes, hot pretzels and peanuts, men in suits with strong cologne. Olivia Giacobetti wanted to capture the city in a bottle and not only did she do so in three distinct scents but also with the most clever packaging I've laid eyes on. The perfumery, Honoré des Prés introduced a trio of NYC scents: I Love Les Carottes, Love Coco and Vamp. Think tuberose, vanilla and cedar. Those are the notes you'll find in these adorable coffee cup containers. *Squeal* Christmas list time!

P.S. Are you guys booking your $31 spa and salon treatments this month? Yep, all in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check it out!