DIY Project: Antique Credenza

In it's original state, residing in Uglytown, USA

Prom Queen of Glamourville, USA!

If you've been following this blog during the last 30 days, you've probably noticed I've become quite industrious. {that's the word my Mom used over the weekend} Truth be told, I've been having lots of fun doing it. And while I don't know much about antiquing or refurbishing's actually not as hard as you think it is. Take this piece for example: Bought it at a thrift store for $80 with original key. It was pretty ugs and needed some major loving but I kept thinking...wouldn't it be great to clear out all the clutter in my office and actually have a place for things? The answer was yes! and this was the solution.

All it took was two coats of paint and it went from drab to fab overnight. This leetle, old office of mine is slowly becoming super cool. I am just waiting on this chair to come back from the Gods of Reupholstry and we are in biz-nass. I will give you a final picture of the completed office which has now been deemed "The Mint" by husband. {because that's where I make my money, yo!} So exciting and stay tuned for the big reveal!